Visualize a New You

visualize a new youVisualization is a technique that helps you create what you want in your life. Picture yourself wearing that beautiful red dress you saw in the store at the mall. Imagine yourself in the home you would like to live in, decorate it the way you want it and visualize the surroundings so that you can see how it looks where you have decided you want to live. You can also visualize yourself in that new job or with better skills. You can even visualize yourself finding the solution to a problem. It works; it just takes determination, practice and discipline.

I have found that this technique helps me figure out what it is I really want. Many times we know we are un-happy with what we have or with what we are doing, but we don´t really know what we want. Sometimes we don’t let ourselves think about what we want because we believe we do not deserve it.

Visualization helps you focus on your goal and to begin working towards it. That is what opens the path towards achieving our objectives.

Find a quiet comfortable place for yourself, a place where you can spend a few quiet moments where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Fill your lungs with air and visualize the oxygen filling every cell in your body with energy and health. Let yourself relax.

Let your mind take you to your special spot; a place on the beach, in a prairie, a path in the woods. Imagine yourself walking towards that which you want to visualize. When you see that goal, take in every detail. Feel the emotions that come with this visualization, experience this with all you sense. Sometimes you can even perceive the aroma that comes with that. Hold on to the emotions as long as you can and then let them go. Send your request out into the universe and let it float free in the air, without constraints and watch were it goes. Watch how in time it will attract all it needs in order to make it come true. Then pay attention to all the opportunities and the messages that present themselves in your life. You may read an article that gives you an idea or a person that can help you get closer to your goal. Concentrate on you goal and listen to the messages that tell you where to go and follow them. You are likely to start thinking negatively and when that happens, write these thoughts down and find a safe place to burn them.

Visualize every day of your life and reap the results.

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