Changing Your Life

Changing your life may be easier than you think, since for the most part what makes us want to change the way we live is one issue at a time. This makes it easy to achieve any type of life change, since we can concentrate on just that aspect of our lives that is bothering us. Our experience has shown us that the main issues that us women want to change about our lives and that make us feel desp... Details

Your Relationship Can Ruin or Improve Your Life

All relationships go through some kind of turbulence once in a while but it is important to watch for warning signs and to take some time out to work things out when they begin to spell trouble.  It is when anger, coldness and blame begin to replace comforting warmth, love and intimacy. Some of the alarm bells to be aware of are: constant bickering, avoidance, jealousy, depression and decrease... Details

Not Enough Money? Change That!

Not having enough money is one of the reasons who make a person want to change their lives. This article will not focus on how to make more money but on how to be more fulfilled with the money you already have, thus not exactly changing your life but changing the way you see your financial life. Start by making a habit of writing everything down.  What you spend and why. This will help you ma... Details

How to Meditate

We just published an article about meditation as a way to change your life, but do you really know how to meditate? Here are some instructions and tips. Meditation involves practice and discipline. It is important to find a quite place and determine a time where you can meditate every day. Sit on the floor or in a chair with a straight back. Don’t lean back on a couch or lay down because ... Details

Meditate to Change Your Life

Meditating helps settle the turmoil in our mind which in turn helps us to become happier people. Meditation also helps us make better decisions. It is as simple as that. It takes discipline and practice but this simple act, which only takes a minimum of 10 minutes a day, can help silence the mind and thereby increases concentration and happiness and can help clear the mind for better decision maki... Details

Visualize a New You

Visualization is a technique that helps you create what you want in your life. Picture yourself wearing that beautiful red dress you saw in the store at the mall. Imagine yourself in the home you would like to live in, decorate it the way you want it and visualize the surroundings so that you can see how it looks where you have decided you want to live. You can also visualize yourself in that new ... Details

What You Eat Can Change Your Life

We are what we eat and in an unbelievably high amount of people, the food they're eating is dictating the way they live. If you're among that hefty group, changing what you eat may change the way you live. Scientists have been studying food for many years and the latest news is that we need to eat the way our ancestors did. If you look carefully at all the diets that promote ant aging and healt... Details

Learn to Breathe. Learn to Live.

If you take a deep breath you begin the process of eliminating stress, anxiety, pain, and even some health problems. Breathing is more important than eating yet we do not give it the time of day. Do you know that we breathe about 20,000 times a day automatically? How many of those breaths do you think are taken to its full potential?  When we breathe automatically be do so with the upper part of ... Details

Single-Task Instead of Multi-Task

Multi-tasking seems to be the fashion of the century. No wonder the ailment of the century is stress! Multi-tasking may help some people achieve much more but in the long run it leads to overwork, stress, relationship issues, and marital disaster. So just say no to multi-tasking and embrace single-tasking. This habit will make you more effective in everything you set out to do, and will help... Details

Get Rid of Difficult People

A newly married young lady was having a terrible time dealing with her husband’s mother who was a bitter older woman.  The situation got to be such that the young bride just could not deal with the situation any longer. She decided to consult a witch doctor with the hope that he would help her find a way to make her mother in law leave.    The doctor gave her some drops that would send the o... Details


The experts tell us we need to do exercise, eat well, meditate and on and on. The hard thing is to find time to do it all. Sometimes what we really need to do is disconnect. Disconnect from the everyday tasks, including all our electronic devises and connect with the real world. Walking is great exercise and it is important to pick up the pace in order to get our heart pumping, but it is also i... Details

Start Your Day with a Plan

Do you normally hit the ground running?  Are all your to-do´s in your mind while new ones keep popping in?  When you do things this way you are dealing with the problems or to-do’s as they come to mind. How much stress do you think that causes? Then you start feeling that you might be forgetting something.  What happens when you realize you did forget something?  That is when you lose it an... Details

Forgiveness is a Miracle Remedy for the Forgiver

Forgiveness is one of those treasures we need to remind ourselves to keep in stock.  However, forgiveness is not a remedy that heals the ailments of others; forgiveness is a remedy that works miracles on the forgiver. It is incredible how the anger itself ties us to the very thing that we need to get rid of. We hold on to anger with the idea that the other person deserves our anger, but our an... Details

Believing in Building Blocks

The greatest treasure you can own is to believe in ourselves.  It is important to have the confidence to make our own decisions and trust ourselves enough to know that if a mistake is made, wish is normal; we have the ability and the strength to make it good. The sad thing is that we often don´t even accept this treasure when it is handed to us. Our teacher, parent or best friend sees potential ... Details

Negativity makes you feel better. But only

It is so easy to be negative and to pass judgment on other people? It is easier to make someone else the enemy, and it somehow makes you feel superior.  That satisfaction is only a momentary gratification and the weight of the negativity lasts a lifetime. I keep comparing the feeling to the process of losing weight. That piece of cake or cookie is so tempting but the satisfaction is only going to... Details

It’s all in the attitude

What does this phrase mean?  The dictionary defines attitude as; A personal or general feeling about something A positive attitude to change. A bodily posture a physical posture, either conscious of unconscious, especially while interacting with others. A challenging manner. An arrogant or assertive manner or stance assumed as a challenge or for effect. The synonyms that come up ar... Details

Not To-Do

We talk so much about “To-do” lists” but not much is being said for “No- to-do” lists.  This is probably the most important list to write and most of us do not even think about it. The best way to declutter your mind is to consciously take out all those things that you do not need and only add to your stress list.  Endless worrying is on the top of that list. We worry about so many ... Details

Re-Organize and Reduce

Re-organizing is the process of putting everything in place, and making sure nothing is out of order. Although this applies to physical objects, organizing also has a beneficial impact on your state of mind and your life in general. One of the most important words to keep in mind when re-organizing a room is “reduce”. Reduce the amount of things you keep Reduce the size of the task to ta... Details

Separate, Classify and Recycle: keys for

Once your start cleaning the clutter in a particular space, you need to be careful not to end up with more clutter than you started with. Do you remember the time you pulled everything out of a drawer or your closet?  Did you lose track of your sorting process once you started getting tired and all you were left with was a big messy pile on your bed?  The best strategy is to use some sort of ... Details

Ready to Organize? Start Small!

It is so hard to tackle a cluttered room mainly because it is hard to find the time to do it all at once. Break it down into small parts and start with this task when you have a few minutes to spare. If, for example, you find yourself waiting for someone to pick you up, or you are waiting for the water to boil, open a small drawer and start working through it.  You may not finish by the time y... Details